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My music is easy-going, thought-provoking, soul-infused poetry, with a variety of feels from folk to blues, to jazz, to rock.  The message in the music is deep but light, sober yet fun, toe- tapping, finger-snapping, and written to encourage inspiration and self-reflection. 

I have two children's books for sale here: the poetic sagas of On Point Polly and The Tale of a Runaway Toenail

"Contemplations" is my first vook - video/book of inspired thoughts, set to music and scenic beauty. 

I was working on my first chapter book, and decided to set it aside at chapter 18, to focus on magazine publishing. Now my creative focus is on The Graskop Creative Arts Network a.k.a. The CAN Club. I'll get back to Glug in due time. 
Here, a small sampling of my poems that aren't lyrics. Observations on life, God, the cosmos, love, peace and purpose. 
Many of my poems are somewhere stationed along points of my past path, packed in boxes or hard drives. I hope to find them again, someday, and add them to this collection.

“Her first album…tells of the ‘path not taken’ – a nod to Robert Frost,

an equal poet.”

Petru J Viljoen – GPS News

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