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Based in:  Graskop, Mpumalanga, South Africa

Title:        Because I’m Free

Artist:      Leah Kirrane

Genre:     Soul-infused folk

Release:   September 21, 2019

MSRP:     $10   US ;    R150,00   SA

UPC:        781718041720 

EAN:        0781718041720


Label:        Independent

Publisher: Leah Kirrane

Contact:  +27 72 926-2795



Small Title

This song was inspired by Marianne Williamson and is meant to inspire and motivate us to higher ideals of love.

   Because I'm Free

Because I’m Free is a collection of easy-going, thought-provoking, soul-infused folk songs, with a bluesy, jazzy feel.  Written, composed and performed by Leah Kirrane, the message in the music is deep but light, sober yet fun.  It will have you tapping your feet, snapping your fingers, and feeling inspired.

Though normally just a girl and her guitar, the album includes the accompaniment of Ilse Maré on keyboard/piano, Wynand Maré on drums, Sunny Principe on bass, Jaime Negrão on lead guitar, and Neil Fishwick on harmonica.   

​1.   Blow Me Down       
2.   Wall Street
3.   Say What?    
4.   Crazy Cockamamie Lady
5.   Because I'm Free    
6.   Wake Up!
7.   What I Like
8.   I Don't Know
9.   Hello Sunshine

10. We Are One


Hi, I'm Leah Kirrane,

​Thank you for listening.  My music, books, and poetry are written with universal messages of Peace, Love and Unity, and are meant to help open eyes, broaden  perspectives, lighten paths, and soothe souls. 


My purpose is to help heal and unify our hurting world. It begins with my family, then ventures out through my inclinations as a writer and musician, and as co-founder, with my husband, Cameron, of The Omni Foundation, a non-profit company.

We are currently involved in several music, video and book projects, and are collaborating globally to help spread the eternal message that Love is the only thing that will heal our world.

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More to come


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