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Creative Convergence

Hi, I'm Leah Kirrane

A multitude of creative forces has converged like winds from all directions—like instruments in a symphony, warming up for their opus. The question is, how will I direct them and what form will their mingling shape?

That's the poetic, right brained version of my life, right now. The left brain has a list a meter-long of things I have to get to, and is worried that if not contained, a tornado will ensue.

Here's that list:

1. This blog: I don’t even have a name for it yet, but it is a voice much needed to tell the tale of this magnificent unfolding. Let’s call it the Narrator, for now. The Narrator will write a regular column, for “Omni Vision,” the quarterly magazine we first published in July.

2. Omni Vision grew from our monthly newsletter, "What's Up With Omni?" which chronicles our journey of building our vision of The Omni Foundation, NPC.

Omni Vision will be out later this month. There are priorities. Thankfully, we set our own schedule, so deadlines are arbitrary-ish.

3. We just finished packaging my song, “It’s Time for the People to Step In.” You can listen to it on lots of platforms, e.g. Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, etc. Click the link above.

4. Cameron and I have been working hard to finish it. That has included the video for "It's Time..." learning how to create and edit video, and it's finally finished! Just uploaded it minutes ago!

In case you don’t know the story behind this video and song, the song was inspired by Marianne Williamson, who is running for president of the United States. The writing of the song spurred me to ask –on Facebook—for collaborators for sound, video, and later, photos.

I received bass, and five video submissions of people singing/shouting, “It’s time for the people to step in!” and a number of photos (mentioned above).

5. This music collab effort spurred me to initiate an album collaboration on FB. (mid August). The album is a compilation of original songs by supporters of Marianne Williamson for president. By mid-September all the songs were collected, and another branch was forming, spurred by one of the other artists.

6. That branch consists of a music/video mix of all the songs on the album, among clips of speeches from Marianne Williamson. This is proving to be the most challenging and time-consuming part of this project, not because I’m working on it directly, but because collaborating with other humans requires skills. I am happy to be building those skills, but it is quite the work-out. I look forward to its completion.

7. When I put out a video calling for submissions for my song's video, I received a message from a woman in Germany who is working with a man in Florida, USA on a “Bee Love” business campaign and project. They have asked me to write a “Bee Love” song for them, and I have happily accepted the task. The melody and a few phrases are simmering on a back burner. All in due time, my dear. All in due time.

8. And what about Glug? Well, August 26 was the last time I visited, I hope to return soon to find out what has happened with Trust, Hope, Faith and Courage—The Odd Quad. It doesn’t look as though they will reach the land of Peace and Purity before Christmas, if there is such a place.

Have you not heard of Glug and the Odd Quad? It's the book I'm writing: “The Odd Quad—Out of Glug’s Grip.” You can read the introduction and chapter one if you click the link. Since we included the intro of the story "How Glug Began" in our first issue of Omni Vision, we will continue adding chapter by chapter with each new edition of the magazine. If I finish the book in advance, I will publish it, and continue publishing each chapter in Omni Vision. The chapters will also be added to my "Books" page on this website.

I think that’s it for now.

No! Wait, there’s more. I’ve mentioned the present and future, but neglected to look back on the past. It was a mere three weeks ago I released my debut album, “Because I’m Free.” It seems forever ago and nearly forgotten.

The uBuntu Festival was lovely! We met beautiful people and had a great time at Nourish Eco-Village. I have featured the village kids singing “it’s time…” on my video, it's sweet.

Along with the CD release, I released my first official video of “Hello Sunshine.

Now I think I’ve mentioned it all. Whew!

Alright whirling winds, let’s create a symphony!

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