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#LeahKirrane - Whirlwinds of Co-creation

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Hi, I’m Leah Kirrane.

This blog, #Leah Kirrane, is the muse and the news of my music, books and/or other creative adventures, as well as a narration of our unusual lifestyle and the business we get up to. It’s written as much, for the history and legacy we wish to leave behind to our children, grandchildren and beyond, as it is to inform, inspire and invite others to join in on the co-creation. My hope in chronicling my story—the only one I truly know—is to inspire you to follow your heart, simply because I am following mine.


The whirlwinds of the holiday season have subsided and lo and behold, all is as it should be. I can look back with satisfaction, pleasure and gratitude for the blessings of creativity, community, family, music and celebration, and I can look forward to continued co-creation.

Now home from our three weeks of visiting Cameron’s family in Johannesburg and Durban, and camping in the Drakensberg, it’s time to sit back, reflect and get back to stirring the winds, like a witch with her wand, manifesting her imagination. My will is my wand that I’m learning to wield. My magic is a vision of Wisdom and Love, of Peace and Purity, where Inspiration thrives and All Life is of highest value.

It’s a concoction for healing of mind, body, soul and environment.

Head in the clouds? I’d say so, but the view is great from up here.

Of course, this vision isn’t mine alone. It’s Cameron’s too. We’re wielding our wands together! And so are our children. This is co-creation and it is being stirred up all over the world! And our winds are merging and growing in strength and in power!

Wait and see.

One of the greatest winds to whirl into 2019 was the presidential candidacy of Marianne Williamson. Her run for president has inspired and united a host of humanity with a common purpose to lift up the voice of Love in public policy.

However, we received the news on Jan. 10, 2020, that Marianne has suspended (ended?) her campaign. She lacked the funds to continue her run, and for that we are saddened, but not disheartened.

With this news came the suspension of sales of “In Love We Trust,” by We the People. The limited-time-offer, compilation album featuring nine conscious-minded songs donated to MW for President, was released Thanksgiving week.

We raised $100! Not a huge sum, but in the realm of Love, our offerings are multiplied many-fold. We, the artists are all honored to have been a part of that contribution.

- This just in! I’m going to see if my musical co-creators would like to make the album available again to help repay Marianne’s campaign debt. So, hold tight, it may make a come-back!

Though the album may no longer be available, this type of project and many others are rising up all over! The collective winds of conscious artists are coming together and have only begun to pick up momentum. Marianne has inspired a new generational movement and it won’t stop until Love wins!

Now, in last quarter’s blog I detailed a list of to-dos. Here’s how that went:

1. Finish, publish and promote “In Love We Trust.” With promo video (seen here).

2. Concurrently publishing the 3rd issue of "Omni Vision," our free online magazine, chock full of enlightening and inspiring articles to promote health of mind, spirit, body and environment. Omni Vision is an Omni Foundation publication. The Omni Foundation is our non-profit company, you can check it all out here.

3. Wrote a song for “Bee Love,” a pre-start-up company dedicated to the well-being of the bee population through education and product sales. They asked me to channel George Harrison, so I tried it, keeping “Give Me Love” (one of my all-time favorite songs) in mind. It worked! They love the song! Now to see how producing it will unfold.

5. Produced two new music videos: “What I Like,” and “I Don’t Know,” videography and most editing by Cameron (I help with minute details). Loving your work, baby!

Stay tuned for next month’s release of “Wall Street.” We’re going with something totally different, this time.

5. Had a blast and a great turn out for The Graskop Community Christmas Carol Sing-Along with Jim Smyth, Catherine Masuku and Lella Smyth. We had a fantastic time and a festive crowd. There was open mic afterwards. Very good times.

4. Good times selling books and CDs and a live performance at the Fern Fair. Though on day one the sun was blaring and we had no cover, and on day two we were under a canopy but the winds were strong. My first song was "Blowing in the Wind."

6. I will get back to Glug once I’m done with this blog and magazine. I’m excited to feature illustrations, created by friend and fellow home-schooling dad, Graskop artist, Nando Fraser (pictured above with Cameron and me).

What's next? Well, check out Omni Vision and you'll see!

Do you see the whirlwinds, blowing?

Whirlwinds, I say! Touching down!

Growing and Showing the power they have to turn things around!

Stirred by the spirit within,

the breath of God that is our being.

Watch out world!

We bring the whirlwinds!

To be continued…

Anyhow, if I didn’t mention it enough times already, this is all about co-creation, coming together to share the Vision, the Message and the Love. And you’re invited.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must tend to the whirling of my wand.

Peace, Love and Gratitude,

Leah Kirrane

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