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Less Doing, More Being

Up until now, my blogs have been busy with activity—images of whirlwinds blowing through, stirring things up, and leaving a path of creation in their wake.

But now things feel different. Though the creation continues, as I’ll mention below, it feels as though life has slowed significantly, for me, just in time to rest and reflect with the rest of the world.

This time is meant for less doing, and more being.

The social distancing quarantine that is currently rocking the world, is not a change or challenge for me. It’s pretty much my every day. Believe it or not, I’m a homebody, not shy, and by no means a shut-in, but a serious introvert.

I don’t have my driver’s license, here in South Africa, and I’m not eager to get it (they drive on the wrong… I mean left-hand side of the road here), so it’s my husband, Cameron’s, role to do everything outside of the house.

He drops off and picks up the kids from karate and their friends’ houses, he does all the shopping, etc. It’s a joke, in our household, whenever I join him on a jaunt to the grocery store, or to pick up the kids, that “mama’s getting out.”

And I like it that way. I don’t feel imprisoned, at all. In fact, I usually feel quite free.

It's a very simple life we lead. We believe having less allows us to do and be more. We believe it's the constant striving for more that creates the stress and chaos of life that leads to poor health and unhappiness.

Ours is an uncommon lifestyle. We have been gifted the freedom to educate and care for our kids and to create and grow our dreams, together, without having to work outside our home. It’s CRAZY, I know!

Though we have this freedom, to be who God created us to be, it didn’t come freely. This lifestyle was paid for by the death of my late husband, Jason. He was killed in an accident nearly five-years-ago, when his quad collided, head-on, with a school bus that had suddenly veered to his side of the road (you can read more about it here).

Now, earlier that year, in March, I had been complaining to God about something, and asking what to do. As I closed my eyes, in prayer, a vivid image came to mind of a tall stack of beautifully wrapped gift boxes, their lids pushed up by teeming earth worms.

I told my mom about the vision and she warned me that the worms meant death, and I needed to be careful. I disagreed with my her and said I believed worms were a good sign that represented fertility, deep nourishment and growth.

Turns out we were both right. Death, nourishment, fertility and growth all came that year.

As hard as it is to accept death as a gift, it is impossible, for me, not to. This reality has become a part of my being that I have learned to receive and be grateful for. It is what gives us the freedom to be and share ourselves and the gifts we receive, with you.

Gifts like music videos

In our latest video Crazy Cockamamie Lady,” I go way beyond my comfort zone and get a bit crazy in front of the camera. Though I was quite embarrassed, I had a blast and I’m glad I did it, though it was rather like jumping into the deep end of pool for the first time, and it won't be my last. It was also our first attempt at using green-screen technology. What do you think?

Gifts like, “Omni Vision,”

Our free quarterly magazine, with its abundance of Knowledge and Inspiration.

Gifts like books and music.

Gifts like Omni Foundation

our non-profit company, working toward the building of regenerative intentional communities that focus on health of mind, body, spirit and environment.

These are the gifts we give back to the world. This is the doing that springs from our being.

And so, I encourage you, though this corona crisis may be difficult to accept, to receive it as a gift. A gift of less doing and more being.

And may your being bring Peace, Beauty and Inspiration to share.

Peace to you all,

Leah Kirrane

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