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Experience Contemplations.
Three deep, thoughtful and inspirational video books, for meditation and reflection.  
Approximately 10 minutes each.
Available for download at
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“Another great piece of work! On Point Polly challenges readers to view the world from a different lens; to focus on what really matters. It is layered with messages of positivity and simultaneously takes the reader on an emotional ride with cadence and rhyme. A perfect book to lift spirits in hard times.”
~ Leah Bigham

YouTube Read-along 

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The Tail of a Runaway Toenail is a wonderful short story that illustrates the amazing purpose of everything in life, and that size is relative in the greater scheme of the Universe.  Life always conspires to remind us of our awesome place in Life if we care to listen. Although written for children, the timeless lesson is for everyone.”
~Anna-Mari Pieterse -Founder: Reclaim and Live uBuntu
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