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Happy New Year 2024! I Honor You

Wow! It's been quite a while since my last post. Exactly two years. 2023 was a rather silent time, for me. I didn't feel like sharing my point of view, or speaking my mind, which is rare. I'm not a big talker, but I've had the reputation of being an open book with many thoughts. Maybe sometimes a little too open. lol.

But I wanted to start 2024 off with a word and a gift to you. The word is "Honor:" Having high respect, or great esteem. My gift is honor and a song. (Btw, I offer all my music for free. If anyone would like to donate any amount, as a "Thank you," I will happily accept).

I wrote, "I Honor You," for Veteran's Day, back in 2015, but the message is a timeless one, and particularly poignant for these days. I pray it speaks to your heart, mind and Spirit.

Here are the lyrics, which are also in the video.


Verse 1

We don’t always see the same on how things ought to be. 

Differing opinions run in every family and all society.

This is a song we sing.

Everybody enters in with their own point of view. 

Some will even stand and fight for what they see is true.

This is my song for you; I notice what you do.

Chorus 1

This song is meant to honor you.

For your willingness to fight.

You live to give the very heart of you

In your search for what is right.


Verse 2

Few will stop and listen to what others have to say.

Some will even make believe they have the only map and know the only way.

These are the things we say.

But if we tune our hearts o one another’s reasons why.

We may come to comprehend the greater truths of why we live and die.

This is my heart’s cry.


Chorus 2

This song is meant to honor you.

Though we may not see the same. 

You live to give the very heart of you

On the path you choose to take. 



The good in me, sees the good in you.   I honor you.

The good in me, sees the good in you.   I honor you.

The song I sing, is the gift I bring, I honor you.

© November 2015 Music and Lyrics by Leah Kirrane

Wishing you all infinite blessings for 2024!

May we all grow and learn to honor one another.

I believe it's the only path forward for a peaceful humanity.

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