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Help Me Choose My Top 4 Songs

Updated: Jan 30

Hello, my friend.

I wonder if I could get your help with a little something.

I'd like to enter four of my songs into the American Songwriter Song Contest.

Why four? Because...budget.

The thing is, I can't decide which ones to submit, and your opinion would definitely help me decide.

So, I've created a poll for you to participate in my decision making process. You can listen to all my songs for free on the following links, then come back to this post and vote.

The deadline for entry isn't until early December, so we have some time, and I will likely add a few more songs to the mix. Just a heads up.

Please note, that production quality is not a judgement criteria, so base your vote on lyrics and melody, but most importantly, how the song makes you feel.

Thanks so much for chiming in! I truly appreciate it, and I hope you enjoy my music. :)

What's your favorite Leah Kirrane song?

  • 0%Because I'm Free

  • 0%Say What?

  • 0%Earth and Breath

  • 0%Crazy Cockamamie Lady

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Thanks for submitting!

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