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Legacy - March Music Release

Hello friends,

My song release for this month is one I wrote as a Christmas gift in 2008, for my father-in-law (my late husband, Jason’s, dad), Henry Pauls. Henry was the associate pastor of my church (Central Community Church, Fresno, California), where Jason and I were married. Henry performed the ceremony. The lyrics of the song speak for themselves, telling a simple and honest story of Henry’s life.

My son, Shepherd Eddens, and I performed the song at Henry’s pastoral ordination ceremony, and Henry asked that the song also be played at his celebration of life ceremony, someday. I didn’t want to wait that long to offer the gift again, so last year (2023), my son, in California, and I, in South Africa, collaborated to record the song as a gift for Henry’s 80th birthday. Shepherd is on the saxophone.

I wrote the song with the tune of Pachelbel’s Canon in mind, because Henry plays the violin and I thought it would be fitting.

I hope you enjoy it.

With lots of Love,


Artwork: Wikimedia Commons

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