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Waiting on Magic and Miracles

Waiting on a Miracle, by INDRIKoff

It seems I’ve hit a dry spell. Or so my mundane mind has been telling me. I’ve been waiting for something big to happen. Something that people can’t explain away with logic or our limited understanding of science. Something truly mystical and extraordinary.

I admit, I read and listen to a lot of future speak. Maybe not a lot compared to some, but a lot compared to most. Most people I know don’t pay attention to or seek out knowledge and understanding of world prophecy and the like. Even in the Christian church, the number of people who don’t see the similarities between events occurring in our world now, and events foretold in the Bible (particularly the Book of Revelation, most notably the mark of the beast, without out which one will not be allowed to take part in the economy), is strange and astounding to me.

I admit, I read up on Starseeds and the Galactic Federation and extra-terrestrial “mumbo jumbo.” I didn’t always believe in more intelligent life beyond Earth (except in “Heaven,”) but part of my awakening was brought about by channeled books such as “The Law of One,” “We the Arcturians,” “The Hidden Hand,” “A Course in Miracles," and many others that promote and teach the law of Christ Consciousness and predict a crumbling of the global status quo, an attempted globalist take-over of humanity, and the birth of a New Earth. A New Age of Love, Light and right living.

I sincerely believe it’s all possible, and possibly even probable.

But this waiting on magic and miracles is different. Yes, I’m waiting for BIG world events to unfold, but I’ve been looking for the mini-magic that’s usually so prevalent in my life.

Like the time I wiggled my fingers at the empty wall in my lounge, thinking, “bookcase, bookcase…bookcase,” and later that day our landlord offered us her bookcase. I had wanted one for years, but had never wiggled my fingers with spell-like intentions.

Or like my dreams that come true, though most of those foretell of hardship and heartbreak on the horizon. Or the colors on the walls and ceiling that I would open my eyes to every morning, for months, while I was tuned-in to the teachings of the violet flame. Violets, blues, greens, yellows, reds and oranges.

Or how about some simple Inspiration? A new song, or poem that floats down and settles in while my hands are tending to the tedious? Sometimes Inspiration feels like magic, but takes years to fully manifest. Like my latest soon-to-be-released song, “Earth and Breath.” I first heard the melody and main-line in my mind 11-years- ago. Two lifetimes ago, pre-South Africa and pre-Canada. It finally seeped out of me in October 2021. I suppose it took these intense times for it to be ripe enough for the wine-press.

Earth and Breath

Been years, trying to write this song

Working with words, but they kept coming out all wrong.

The verse was vague, but the message was clear.

Been thinking about the things I think about

always trying to figure things out

Like who knows? and what if? and why not?

and why on Earth am I here?

You see, I refuse to believe I'm just an accident,

some random combination of the elements.

No. I choose to believe that I was born with a particular design in mind,

There's a purpose for me I was meant to be.

‘Cause I’m made of Earth and the breath of God.

Hear the talking heads on the squawk box

Fleecing the flock with shock waves of fear,

Blocking the truth so the sheeple can’t hear

Locking us in and out and sayin’ we can’t go here or there.

They’re telling us we can’t breathe fresh air!

They’re saying we have to do what they say or to beware

They say it’s for our health, but I don’t think that they really care

Because they’re making us sicker!

People, please be aware!

They’re telling me I can’t be free to participate in society.

Who are they to try take away my Sovereignty?

Nobody has that power over me!

Cause I’m made of Earth and the Breath of God.

Somebody tell me the reasons why

so many are willing to believe in the lies.

Tell me why do we give our power away?

Haven’t we learned anything from yesterday?

What’s it gonna take to see

We were created in the image of divinity?

God in the flesh from dust to dust

and into eternity.

This is why I Am meant to be,

to share songs of Liberty.

To help to set the captives free

by singing ‘bout Peace and Love and Harmony.

As you and I are one, so may we all be,

We’re made of Earth and the breath of God.

As you and I are one so may we all be,

Made of Earth and the breath of God.

‘Cause I'm made of Earth and the breath of God.

Music and lyrics by Leah Kirrane © 2021

This song will be my first studio production since I got my music equipment, besides the

Christmas beats and guitar I laid down for our Community choir. That was my intro to music production, and though it was far from perfect, I’m very happy to report it was a resounding success! The 10 children and four adults blessed our community with Carols by Candlelight, and we’re looking forward to more. (The faces of the Emmanuel Family Home's Children have been blurred for their privacy and protection) .

I now have three months of choir leading under my belt (though it took two-and-half months to fully accept my self-inflicted leadership role). Now I know I can do it, and that it has a positive effect on the participants and audience. We all had lots of fun, and the Christmas Spirit was present and accounted for.

I’d like to chalk that performance up to miracle status, considering how poorly we practiced the day before, but giving one’s all on stage when practices leave much to be desired, isn’t miracle material, it’s human nature.

Human nature seems to contradict or counteract the manifestation of the mystical, magical and miraculous.

Or does it?

What if all it takes to see the miraculous is to observe it within ourselves and nature around us?

While pondering this blog and waiting for weeks on miracles, I sat outside in my own lush and tranquil backyard with its veritable medicine cabinet growing from my lawn.

I took a walk in the coastal jungles of Durban , eyes wide open for natural wonders. I sat and watched the waves of the Indian Ocean, while a crab scuttled by and I marveled at the vastness and incomprehensible diversity of Life.

Bare feet on Mother Earth, I could feel the grounded energy make its way up my soles to the tips of my unruly curls, and I wondered, how much more magical can you get than Life itself?

(At least 6 inches long! Stainbank Nature Reserve, Durban, KZN)

Of all the messages from other worlds or simply made up in our minds, of all the stars we can and cannot see, from which we may each be Starseeds planted, of all the material manifestations that make their way by wiggling fingers, into our view, none shine their magic so brightly, none are so miraculous as the invisible breath of life itself and of the Earth infused and inspired by it.

Thanks for reading #LeahKirrane! Why that name? I know, it sounds vain. But, I figure, mine is the only story I truly know how to tell. Plus, it has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

I’d love to connect with you. All of our products are available for a donation to The Omni Foundation. And you can also connect with me on these platforms (Sorry they're not linked, I haven't figured out the easy way to do that on this site).

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