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Serendipitous Seeds of Opportunity

So, I was thinking of waxing literary and sentimental about this time of year, September, and this year, in particular: Five years since my husband’s passing; my mother’s birth-month and her connection to my deep-rooted feelings of inadequacy; watching, from the sad safety of my computer screen, my motherland, choking in smoke and flames; chaos in US streets and cities, mass fear, mass corruption, massive divides, etc. You know what I mean.

I thought I was nearly done with this letter, I was going to call it “Lessons from My Momma, My Man and the Moon,” reflections on the savage beauty and necessity of duality, but I'll save those stories for a rainy day, when I'm in the brooding mood again, and when my moon wanes into hiding.

Now is the time for emergence!

It's spring in the southern hemisphere and in our literal and figurative garden of life, seeds have sprung and are thriving. Some seeds we deliberately planted, and some are rogue surprises, like heirloom tomatios, and sprouted avocado pits in the compost bin. I don't know why it's so surprising to see Nature have her way, cycle after cycle, but it is, and it's always a Joy to behold.

Such are the creative connections, projects and opportunities that are sprouting up all over the place for us. You can read some of the details in our FREE PDF magazine "Omni Vision," but I'll give you a synopsis here. These are projects YOU might like to be involved in, too.

Most of these projects are musical in nature.

First, the Omni Foundation, NPC, is working in collaboration with Nsamba Umaru to help raise funds for God’s Will Children Foundation (GWCF), through an online Christmas caroling event. This video explains how you can get involved. Special thanks to Delinda Cendrowski for setting up a GoFundMe account to help make this fundraiser happen.

You can read more about Nsamba and GWCF in this quarter's issue of "Omni Vision."

Second, as soon as this blog and Omni Vision (OV) magazine are finished, I'll start working to add my part to the global collaborative song “Start With Love,” by singer-songwriter, John Hegner. Last year, John contributed his song, "Only Love," to the collaborative album, “In Love We Trust,” which was produced to raise funds for the Marianne Williamson presidential campaign. John's project, "Start With Love," is open for world-wide collaboration. If you’d like to be involved, please check out the project here

As for other projects, we've just released two new music videos, "Say What?" and "We Are One."

I'd really like to turn "We Are One" into a bigger collaborative production. It needs much more than my shaky, pitchy voice (one of the reasons I tend to feel inadequate), and

me all by my lonesome on the greenscreen.

If you'd like to collaborate, somehow, and help me make this a true song of Oneness, let me know.

We chose to release "We Are One," at this time, as October 24 is Global Oneness Day.

My music video, "Blow Me Down" will be released in November, it is the tenth and final video from the album "Because I'm Free."

Depending on how things unfold, we hope to get to work on the next CD, "I Honor You," in 2021.

We owe a huge thanks to Courtney Gibson and Mpumalanga Social Media for the splendid work she's been doing spreading the message on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. We've been making some amazing connections because of it, including potential Omni Foundation community members and co-creators: people who share the vision and mission of creating a new normal of regenerative living.

Btw, have you seen our video, "Vision of a New Normal?" ? It's inspiring and motivating.

The question is, will we allow Inspiration to move us?

And have you seen our...


Every 100th social media "Like, Subscribe," or "Follow," will receive a digital gift basket full of Inspiration, including my album, "Because I'm Free," the single, "It's Time for the People to Step In;" my two children's books, "On Point Polly," and "The Tale of a Runaway Toenail," and an Omni Vision magazine subscription, (if you haven't already subscribed, remember it's FREE)! All we need is your email address so we can send it to you.

Let's see, any other news?

Yes! My song, "Because I'm Free" is playing in the afternoon line-up on Music Dreams USA Radio! Check them out, they've got some groovy streams. It's FREE too!

All this talk about being FREE! As if seeds sprouted up serendipitously. Isn't that how it's supposed to be? "Freely I have received, freely I give." Right?

As for "The Odd Quad: Out of Glug's Grip," my partially published kid's adventure, it's coming SOON or later... As I've mentioned before, I circle with whirlwinds. I'm sure I'll be blown that way again, soon enough. I'm considering publishing more chapters than just the first three on my website. Maybe that will move me faster toward the finish line. Do I need to be in a rush?

What do you think? Would you like to read more, now? Have you read the introduction and first two chapters yet? I've written up to Chapter 17, or 18, so far, so maybe I could post one new chapter each week...(?) Let me know, if you want to read more. Your motivation will help me make it a priority.

I think that's about it for now.

Of course, we always appreciate your prayers, donations and other forms of contribution as we work together to grow all these seeds of co-creativity into maturity.

Thanks for reading #LeahKirrane

Why do I call it #LeahKirrane? It sounds rather vain.

Yes, but I figure my story is the only one I truly know.

Remember: Free Inspiration to every 100th Like, Follow or subscribe!

Much Love to You All <3

Leah Kirrane

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